Basil-Infused Olive Oil

Produced exclusively from hand-gathered olives harvested in their peak of ripeness and pressed in the village of Stavies on the island of Crete. Infused with basil flavor.

Mt. Kofinas oil is always from the first cold pressing, with no heat or chemicals added during the extraction process, using the same methods developed generations ago. This produces a superior, .3 acidity olive oil that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone from the gourmet to the casual olive oil fan.

Then, they use real basil to give the olive oil a flavor that has made this a favorite of basil and olive oil lovers everywhere. The method of infusing is done without heat, just time and care, and doesn't leave bits of spices or herbs floating in the bottle. Just a clean, peppery flavor you will love. All bottling and infusing is done by hand in Cincinnati.

$ 12.95