Cute & Cozy Gift Box
Cute & Cozy Gift Box Cute & Cozy Gift Box Cute & Cozy Gift Box Cute & Cozy Gift Box Cute & Cozy Gift Box

For all the cozy cuddlers and happy readers out there, this Cute & Cozy gift pack combines organic black tea, a handcrafted mug and stamped-spoon bookmark.


  • 2.5 oz. of Wendigo loose-leaf Bigfoot Black Tea: A pure black tea whose leaves are naturally sweet. Bigfoot is a shy yet powerful beast with a musk full of fruits, nuts and trees. What you imagine when someone says “black tea” is a pale imitation of its beastly quality. Bigfoot is an Imperial Grade Golden Monkey from a tea workshop in Fuan county in the Fujiang province of China. It gets its name from its leaves, which look like long, brown, curly monkey hair and are so powerful that you can repeatedly steep them up to 6 times for pot after pot of aromatic bold tea to share with family and friends.
  • RheinoCeramics red clay mug: Hand-thrown by ceramic artist Jessie Rienerth, a creamy white, satin-matte and blue glaze are layered to create a landscape reminiscent of winter — a perfect home for any hot beverage.
  • Spoons & Such hand-stamped bookmarkThis antique silver spoon was hand stamped, flattened and bent into the perfect little bookmark for all of those bookworms out there! 
$ 55.00