Having to pay for shipping is the worst part of online shopping. Because, in general, online shopping is awesome — you can shop from your phone whenever you are (the grocery store! the gas station! work!), you don't have to put on pants to leave the house and you can buy all the rings and coasters and wood storage cubes you decide you need at 2 a.m. But why does shipping cost so much? Why isn't all shipping free? 

For us at Made in Cincinnati, figuring out shipping costs is one of the more complex parts of our day. Because we offer shoppers a single-cart checkout system — meaning you only have to pay once no matter how many different vendors you buy from — we have to figure out a way to divide those shipping costs fairly between orders. Our goal is to help you discover and shop locally made goods, which means hunting for great finds, collecting goods and presenting them in a complete and easy-to-search site. But we don't have a warehouse, so each vendor you purchase an item from lovingly packages, wraps and ships your order by hand. That means if you buy from three different people, each of those three different people has to separately ship their part of your order. 

Because we're dedicated to fostering and building the business of our local, independent vendors, we don't want to short-change them on shipping fees. That means the shipping fee for each item in the shop is calculated based on weight. Which also means we can't always do the fun things, like free shipping on orders over $50 or flat rates for everyone.

If you're interested in purchasing an item and you're confused about your shipping fee, please get ahold of us at And, if you're buying a ton of stuff — big bulk orders, large wood items, expensive-to-ship ceramics — you can always inquire about local pick-up. We'll do everything we can to cut costs and make sure you receive your order as quickly and cheaply as possible.

All returns are handled at the discretion of individual vendors. If you have concern about a particular product or service, please contact us prior to purchase via Made in Cincinnati will help inform you of the individual vendor’s return policy. In most cases, custom orders cannot be returned.

For customer service inquiries, please contact