Whether or not you already sell online through either your own shop or another e-commerce site, discoverability is the most important part of making a sale. If people can’t find you, they can’t buy.

At Made in Cincinnati, each vendor is handpicked by our curatorial team. You can rest assured that your goods will be displayed in the company of like-minded artisans/craftspeople who adhere to your same standards of quality, with similar price points (i.e. we won’t undercut you with a similar product priced less than yours).

We’re looking for thoughtfully crafted, handmade items including: ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, personal grooming products, screenprints, select artwork, gifts, stuff for kids, pet products and more. There are no booth fees or listing fees. Made in Cincinnati assesses a percentage fee only when you make a sale. Orders are completed via a drop-ship system, so you maintain control of your product and branding at all times.

Interested artisans should send an email to info@shopmadeincincinnati.com with a brief description of your product and process, along with photos and price points.